‘People are not born but formed.

Desiderius Erasmus

Whereabouts in Rotterdam can you find Erasmus?

Today, you can find reminders of Erasmus and tributes to him everywhere in Rotterdam. Examples include the Erasmus Bridge, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Erasmiaans Gymnasium and the Erasmus Medical Centre. But that isn’t all.


There’s a statue of Erasmus created by Hendrick de Keyser at Grotekerkplein next to the Laurenskerk. This is the oldest statue of a person other than a monarch in the whole of the Netherlands.

And there are even two statues of Erasmus on the Erasmus University campus! Read more about statues of Erasmus here.


The Erasmus Monument, which marks the house where Erasmus was born, is located next to the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam city centre since 2016. The Erasmus Committee held a competition for the best design of a monument to mark the house where Erasmus was born on 28 October 1466.

The winning design by Diana de Graaf, Maaike Disco and Reinier de Gooijer is a free-standing wall of this house with a portrait of Erasmus on it. The portrait of Erasmus and the entire wall are made up of colourful majolica tiles comprising texts written by Erasmus, including proverbs from ‘Adagia’

Meetings with Erasmus

Visit Rotterdam Public Library to get the Erasmus Experience! At the library you can get to know Erasmus as a human being, and you can also learn to look at the world in the same way as he did. You can learn to keep on thinking just as clearly as he did too. Visitors use their wristband to dive deeper into Erasmus’s philosophy of life – and into their own thoughts as well, since discovering Erasmus means that you ultimately discover how you personally view the world around you too.


The Erasmus Collection, which is the biggest collection of books by and about Erasmus, is housed in Rotterdam Public Library as well. This collection comprises about 5,000 volumes and consists of works by Erasmus himself and his publications of authors from classical antiquity, plus a large number of books about Erasmus. Each word that originated in his brain is kept here in the library. .


The most famous ‘Rotterdammer’ of all time is also for sale.
At the Rotterdam Tourist Office (Coolsingel 411) bags, mugs, notepads and refrigerator magnets with the image of the Rotterdam humanist can be purchased. The items have been designed by visual designer Job Taks (Hunted). Nice gifts for tourists and Rotterdammers!


You can  look through the Erasmus Collection online too. .


And you can find well-known quotations and adagia by Erasmus at various locations in the city centre, such as the Central Station and on the Rotterdam Public Library building.


If you’d like to go on a walking tour of all the spots in Rotterdam connected with Erasmus, there is an Erasmus Walk.