“Your library is your paradise.”

Desiderius Erasmus



‘Switch’ is a game for young people aged between 10 and 14. This game, which is available in Dutch and English, makes youngsters aware of how others – as well as themselves – would respond to certain situations such as bullying. They work together to find out the best course of action in such situations. You can only win if you’re able to put yourself in the other person’s place. And this fits in with Erasmus’s philosophy: he always considered what others would think of something first before voicing his own opinion.

This game enables players to experience Erasmus’s philosophy personally in an active and light-hearted way, and makes them realise that Erasmus’s values are still relevant for people today. 

Key words are dialogue, a balanced view, knowledge and humour on the themes of language, behaviour and religion.


‘Switch’ was presented in October 2016 during one of the lectures for youngsters at Erasmus MC, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in that year. Scientists and scholars at Erasmus University and Erasmus MC gave lectures to young people during Erasmus Week.


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