No gift is more precious than good advice.

Desiderius Erasmus

About the Erasmus Committee


Erasmus is known all over the world and his philosophy of life is particularly relevant today. That’s why Erasmus deserves a place on the streets of Rotterdam and in the visual perceptions of all Rotterdam’s citizens, visitors and contacts. And this is the target of the ‘Erasmus: Rotterdam Icon’ Committee which was set up in 2010. 


The Erasmus Committee Board comprises the following members:


Prof.dr. Steven Lamberts (President): Professor of Internal Medicine (Erasmus MC). He was Rector Magnificus at Erasmus University Rotterdam from 2003 to 2009


Fred Balvert (Secretary): Communications Advisor (Erasmus MC)


Hendrik Verweel (Treasurer): president of the Huis van Erasmus Foundation and member of the board at Platform Levensbeschouwing & Religie


Jantje Steenhuis (member): Director of Rotterdam City Archives



Every year, the Committee Erasmus awards the In-Praise-of-Folly-Pin to a Rotterdammer who has been committed to society in the spirit of Erasmus and has made a case for tolerance, education and satire. Since 2011, the following persons have received this honorable award:

2011 Gyz la Rivière

2012 Arie van der Krogt

2013 Manuel Kneepkens

2014 Inez Weski

2015 Loes Luca

2016 Henk Oosterling

2017 Carrie Jansen

2018 Hugo Borst

2019 Fidan Ekiz